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CD review

R&B singer Alonda Rich. Photo by Michelle G.

So Provocative
Mantra Records

On November 28, 2008, Alonda Rich gave an impressive performance at Hollywood Casino in Grantville. The bashful singer, who moved from Williamsport to Harrisburg, was one of the opening acts for the Denm Inc.-promoted Jaguar Wright concert. During Rich’s performance, she sang her song “ So Amazing” and SWV’s “Weak.” Continue reading ‘CD review’

Emerald Serum CD

Emerald Serum by stainlessinsaness

Stainless Steele, a talented rhyme spitter/producer, represents the Lancaster area. Peep his instrumental mix CD titled Emerald Serum—Steele has always been on some surreal ish. Click here to download the CD. We’ll post more info on Steele in the near future.