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B.I.G. tings

Siaani (Charli Baltimore’s daughter on the left) and T’yanna (Biggie’s daughter). Photo by Leon Laing.

When I first met Biggie’s daughter years ago, I remember her being a loving and intelligent child. (She still remembers that I used to draw.) Today, she still has those qualities—plus she’s a Penn State University grad who launched a clothing line. Continue reading ‘B.I.G. tings’

Charged performance at Voltage Lounge

Divine Council. Photo by Leon Laing.

Divine Council entered the stage similar to how the group entered the rap industry—hard-hitting. Continue reading ‘Charged performance at Voltage Lounge’


Photo of mother and daughter by Leon Laing.

Photo of mother and daughter by Leon Laing.

A mother and daughter attend a Black Lives Matter rally and dance party at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg.  Continue reading ‘#blacklivesmatter’