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Enter the Dru

Sisqo of Dru Hill performs in Harrisburg. Photo by Leon Laing.

Love was in the air at a Valentine’s Day R&B concert in Harrisburg. Continue reading ‘Enter the Dru’

‘The Girlfriends’ play

Cedeno-Outler will hold her second play today. Photo by Leon Laing.

The sun is beaming on the first day of 2011, and Miguelina Cedeno-Outler is glowing, too. Why? She’s preparing for her second play—and she’s expecting. Continue reading ‘‘The Girlfriends’ play’

New Marley CD

Live Forever CD

Happy birthday to the late Nesta Robert Marley. And we’re a Pa.-based website. So in celebration of Marley’s and in support of Pittsburgh in today’s Super Bowl, we’re posting this new CD release. Live Forever features 20 songs from Bob Marley’s final live performance, which was in Pittsburgh on September 23, 1980.