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Audrey Rose x PM Bistro

“I’m back,” local promoter Showlove tells His business, Triple R Entertainment, will be co-promoting the Audrey Rose performance on Dec. 5. Continue reading ‘Audrey Rose x PM Bistro’

Up close and personal with Beanie

Beanie Sigel. Photo by Leon Laing.

Beanie Sigel. Photo by Leon Laing.

You know B. Sige in the third lane/Gramps still praying, working on my nerves man/Like, ‘Son you gotta get your soul clean/Before they blow them horns like Coltrane.’ Continue reading ‘Up close and personal with Beanie’

‘Time Wasted’ x Villz

Villz is back with another banger. Continue reading ‘‘Time Wasted’ x Villz’