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dream decodes Jigga’s book

dream hampton. Photo taken from the web.

Writer dream hampton is one of my inspirations. And I’m happy to be her aquaintance. Continue reading ‘dream decodes Jigga’s book’

‘Digg Is Like’

Diggy Simmons is the offspring of a hip-hop legend, so it’s no surprise that he pays homage to other legends. This time he borrows Nas’ “Nas Is Like” beat and flips it into his version—“Digg Is Like.” Diggy drops his Past Present(s), Future mixtape on Dec. 23.

Local performances

Lei Row performs twice this month. Photo by Leon Laing.

Local songstress Lei Row and her musical colleagues, Dexter Kendrick and Mel Alston, will perform in D.C. this Thursday. You can also witness Row in Harrisburg on Dec. 29. See our calendar for details.

‘Ready, Set, Go’

The go-to producer No I.D. does it again. He churned out chart toppers for artists such as Jigga, Kanye and Rick Ross.  Most recently, No I.D. crafted “Ready, Set, Go,” a hit by Killer Mike ft. T.I.

Dec. 2010 events

Charles Miller launches his new line on Dec. 10. Photo by Leon Laing.

Fans will have to wait another month to see Soulja Boy crank that in Harrisburg. The promoter pushed the concert back to Jan. 22. Tickets for the original Dec. 10 date will be honored on Jan 22. Ticket sales will resume at, Mr. Mike’s, Music Man, and Xclusive Music on Dec. 24. Continue reading ‘Dec. 2010 events’

‘Christmas Bells’

Local songstress Alonda Rich returns with the song “Christmas Bells.” Burnie Stevenson wrote and produced the song. Happy holidays from