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‘Oh Snap!’ mixtape

Femcee Miss Tiff just dropped her mixtape. Photo submitted.

Tiffany “Miss Tiff” Lassiter reps to the fullest for Central Pa. hip-hop. As a female MC, she refuses to focus on sex—an easy route some females choose in this male-dominated hip-hop industry. Continue reading ‘‘Oh Snap!’ mixtape’

Nov. 2010 events

Boyz II Men performs in York tonight. Listen to the group’s song, “Please Don’t Go,” above. See below for event info about Boyz II Men and other upcoming events. Continue reading ‘Nov. 2010 events’

‘What’s My Name’ video

I predict this song to dominate the charts like Ri Ri’s other smash single—“Umbrella.” Continue reading ‘‘What’s My Name’ video’

Skate or rhyme

Stainless Steele moves the crowd. Photo by Leon Laing.

It was all about art, hip-hop and skating at Lancaster-based Revival Skate Shoppe on Nov. 5. Continue reading ‘Skate or rhyme’

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat began as as a graffiti artist in New York City.

Continue reading ‘Jean-Michel Basquiat’

‘Cheaper to Keep Her’

Brian McKnight (left) poses with fan Jen Laing. Photo by Leon Laing.

With his plays, such as Cheaper to Keep to Keep Her, Je’Caryous Johnson could be the next Tyler Perry. Johnson’s production offered A-list entertainers, not to mention an attention-grabbing storyline.  Johnson held the play in Harrisburg on Oct. 28. Cheaper to Keep to Keep Her runs from Nov. 9 to Nov. 14 in Philadelphia. Continue reading ‘‘Cheaper to Keep Her’’