dream decodes Jigga’s book

dream hampton. Photo taken from the web.

Writer dream hampton is one of my inspirations. And I’m happy to be her aquaintance.

hampton previously worked as an editor at The Source magazine. During that time, she helped nominate The Notorious B.I.G. for the magazine’s March 1992 Unsigned Hype section, which features rising artists.  hampton has also written for the Village Voice newspaper, Vibe magazine and penned Jay-Z’s The Black Book. Jigga shelved The Black Book, but released his other book Decoded this year. hampton co-authored Decoded, and she explains the making of the book in this audio clip.

Like me, hampton knew Biggie personally. So what does hampton remember the most about the famous ghetto griot? “He was hilarious,” she told vigoronline.com. “I remember how happy he was when he had his children.”  Hampton noticed B.I.G.’s lyrical genius, too. “I don’t think there’s anybody better,” she affirmed. “His flow was organic. As a writer, I always appreciated Biggie’s writing.”

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