B.I.G. tings

Siaani (Charli Baltimore’s daughter on the left) and T’yanna (Biggie’s daughter). Photo by Leon Laing.

When I first met Biggie’s daughter years ago, I remember her being a loving and intelligent child. (She still remembers that I used to draw.) Today, she still has those qualities—plus she’s a Penn State University grad who launched a clothing line.

On March 19 at Philly’s Ms. Tootsies, T’yanna Wallace held a pop-up shop for Notoriouss, a clothing line named after her legendary father. Not surprisingly, Biggie’s face is one of the motifs for the clothing line. The word “Notoriouss” is the other. The day before the pop-up marked the 20th anniversary of Biggie’s funeral.

Jan (T’yanna’s mom), Lil’ Cease, Nino Brown and DJ Siaani Love (Charli Baltimore’s daughter) also attended the pop-up. Bellargo Piarge was another vendor at the event.


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