Wrapper’s delight

Rapper AR Period helps with food and toy drives. Photo by Leon Laing.

“We’re [doing] our part in giving back to the community not only for the holidays but in everyday life,” rapper AR Period says about local rappers getting their gift wrap on. AR’s company, 71718 Entertainment, and Hungry Entertainment partnered with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to hold a food drive that ended on Dec. 21.

The donations included can goods, dry foods, and frozen turkeys. The Harrisburg-based record companies also held a toy drive with the Toys for Tots nonprofit. Donors dropped items off at weekly parties held by 71718 and Hungry at the Quarter, 321 N. Second St. See below for more details about the local companies as told by AR.

Who came up with the concept for the philanthropy? As far as the concept for the drive, it was a mixture of all of us. We all collectively came up with a way we can give back since we’ve been blessed some way in our daily lives. (Sidenote: Local rapper Niagra of 71718 created the name Ar U Hungry, which is the name of the drive)

What type of business relationship does 71718 and Hungry have? [We] merged on a promotional level. We’re still separate recording companies. A major merge may come down the line. We’re all goal orientated … The Quarter was my hang out. But it’s been desolate for a long time. So I brought DJ O-Dini to spin on the weekends.

1 Response to “Wrapper’s delight”

  1. 1 A.R Period December 25, 2009 at 6:31 pm

    We appreciate the exposure. Also we wanted to add this gonna be a continious drive. Feel free to contact us for details at aruhungryent@gmail.com. Again thanks to all those who donated and to those who plan to donate in the future.
    A.R Period
    71718 Entertainment(Ar U Hungry Ent.)
    Check our parties out at http://www.youtube.com/aruhungryent

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