DJ Image

Image (right) and Steele perform in Lancaster. Photo by Leon Laing.

My cousin homie Vinny
Although DJ Image spins full time in the Northeast (Lancaster, Philadelphia and Baltimore), he hopes to reach a national audience. His current gig will definitely help him attain that goal. Image, né Vincent Smaldone, is on a national tour with the legendary Slick Rick. 3rd Rail, a company that fuses hip-hop, art and snowboarding, is promoting the event.

The DJ with Italian roots moved from the hip-hop Mecca of Brooklyn to Lancaster County. Image credits the Chameleon Club in Lancaster for his newfound success. “[The Chameleon Club] helped me play for bigger clubs in bigger cities,” he says about the venue where has been working for years. “They gave me a lot of opportunities.” Vinny also uses his talent to give back to the local community. On a part-time basis, he teaches a DJing class for the Lancaster-based Heads Up nonprofit.

Image used to be part of a group with local lyricist Stainless Steele. The group’s performances/songs consisted of surreal and obscure beats and sound effects — a sound both artists still use today.  “I’m a big fan of sound effect records,” Image explains. “Break beats unlocked a whole new thing for me.”

When I arrived at his Lancaster County home, Image’s neighborhood reflected his personality: quiet and modest. His home’s living room is a makeshift library/studio. And his library of CDs and vinyl justify his eclectic taste in music. His alphabetized collection includes music from electronic musician and composer İlhan Mimaroğlu to a Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory soundtrack to early rap classics from Enjoy Records. Image says that he likes Enjoy Records’ recording technique and musicianship. “The Enjoy label is the sh*t,” he affirms. 

Support DJ Image by signing up for, which is an online radio site. Image programmed all the music on the 3rd Rail 2010 station. Click here to sign up.

2 Responses to “DJ Image”

  1. 1 Biggest Fan January 18, 2010 at 3:07 am

    DJ Image is an incredible DJ!! He has worked hard and for a long time to be the DJ that he is. He knows what the crowd wants and what makes them dance. Whatever the occasion, he rocks their world! He is very professional and determined to do his best each and every time. His efforts are unstoppable!!! He is unbelievably talented. His determination,focus and his love for music is exceptional. He will always DJ for me! Thanks DJ Image for your contribution in the music world!!!! LAM

  2. 2 Doug E Fresh February 9, 2010 at 2:20 am

    He’s a natural. Old soul recycled from 80’s rap/hip-hop.

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