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Badu charged for video

Photo of Erykah Badu by Leon Laing.

 This past Friday wasn’t so good for Erykah Badu.

On Good Friday, (April 5), the Dallas Police department charged Badu for disorderly conduct for her new video.  The po-po also fined her $500. Since 1997, Badu has been changing the game with her left-of-center music. If you haven’t seen her new video for her single “Window Seat,” you gotta check it out. Inspired by Matt and Kim, the singer continues to push the artistic envelope by disrobing in public. Continue reading ‘Badu charged for video’

R.I.P. Gramps

I dedicate this post to my phenomenal grandmother, Icilda Laing, who passed away on Tuesday. Thanks so much for your unconditional love Gramps. You’ll be missed!