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‘Nuthin But a Hero’ video

Beamer, Benz or Fuji
I had the pleasure of helping Tabi Bonney promote his concert in Harrisburg two years ago. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Tabi makes left-of-center music. Therefore, he doesn’t take the obvious route by driving a $300,000 car in his most recent video for “Nuthin But a Hero.” Tabi flips the script by riding a state-of-the art bicycle through his hometown. Continue reading ‘‘Nuthin But a Hero’ video’

J. Monday’s ‘The Sequel’

A life of crime and poverty forced J. Monday to grow up quickly. Fortunately, the Harrisburg-based rapper chose rap music as his outlet. And Monday doesn’t waste time conveying his troubled past on his new mixtape The Sequel. “I came from nothin’ at all,” he confesses at the beginning of the first song titled “Intro.” But the street narratives don’t end there. Continue reading ‘J. Monday’s ‘The Sequel’’