Lupe x F&M

Lupe Fiasco. Photo by Leon Laing.

Some rowdy concertgoers couldn’t spoil the Lupe Fiasco concert. The Chicago-based rapper stopped his performance a few times due to the rabble-rousers. But after local police whisked them away, the concert went on without a hitch.

Lupe and opening act Maxxx Flair held a concert at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster on Feb. 18.

In 2006, Lupe introduced himself to hip-hop heads as an artsy and well-educated Muslim with a penchant for thought-provoking lyrics.  His appearance at the show mirrored his new mishmash of rap and rock: black Dr. Marten boots, jeans and T-shirt. Lupe’s T-shirt read “no music no fashion. His wallet chain and dreaded mane swung as he moved the crowd.

Lupe made his concert worth the trip. His band gave “Go Go Gadget Flow” some rock flavor, and they slowed down “Kick Push,” giving it an R&B feel. He rounded out his diverse lineup of songs with “Out of My Head,” “Words I Never Said” and “Beautiful Lasers.”

Ther rhyme spitter told the fans that he and some of the band members were celebrating birthdays in February. Coincidentally, yours truly had a birthday that same night.

The mercury rose as fans packed the gym like sardines in a can. Towards the end of the show, Lupe and his band cooled down the audience by flinging H2O on them. See other photo below.

Lupe Fiasco. Photo by Leon Laing.

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