Femcee preps for new album

Niagra poses at the Harrisburg Mall. Photo by Leon Laing.

Niagra poses at the Harrisburg Mall. Photo by Leon Laing.

Me, Myself and Niagra. That’s the tentative album title Niagra revealed to vigoronline.com. There’s no release date yet. She said her new album will be a blend of rapping and singing.

Until she drops her new joint, we reflect on some of her past songs and influences. When Niagra was a child, her parents had an eclectic taste in music. They listened to AC/DC, Jazzy Jeff, Klymaxx and Full Force. Since 1996, Niagra has made an indelible mark as a Harrisburg femcee. When our website first covered Niagra at a local performance, we noticed her ferocious rap delivery. Like Remy Ma, she showed she could be as tough as her male MC counterparts.

“I’m an old-school-meets-new-school fan,” she said about her song “Out on a Limb.” “Out on a Limb” samples R&B sensation Tina Marie. According to Niagra, her mother and grandmother like her version of “Out on a Limb.” She wrote “Something is Everything” to donate to Haiti after its 2010 earthquake. Proceeds went to the Red Cross. At the beginning of “I’m Ill,” Niagra lets the Jay Z sample loop a few times before she goes to war on the battle rap song. “I’m Ill” stemmed from some Internet beef, Niagra explained.

As a mother of a 13-year-old girl and 17-year-old boy, Niagra said motherhood has been an enlightening experience. “I learn from my children a lot. You learn things about yourself.” When she’s not concocting songs in the lab or raising her children, you can find her at her favorite restaurant in Central Pa.—  Shady Maple in Lancaster. Pa. all day.

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