Lil Stevie

North Philadelphia-based rhyme spitter Lil Stevie sets the tone in the beginning of Turned Out Da Mixtape V1. On “Intro (Whole Life),” the song begins with Stanley Clarke’s “Black on Black Crime,” the eerie jazz song from the epic film Boyz n the Hood.

That jazz song, as well as Stevie’s other music, depicts his life. The 19-year-old, one of eight children, lost love ones to gun violence. The strife in his lyrics and urgency in his voice are reminiscent of another Philly native—Meek Mill. Stevie started taking rap seriously two years ago.

Also on Turned Out Da Mixtape V1, Stevie samples Drake. “I was always told that loyalty bring royalty,” Stevie affirms on “Dreams Money Can Buy.” He shines on other songs that don’t appear on that mixtape. Post Malone borrowed 50 Cent’s “Window Shopper” beat recently. Stevie hopped on a Fiddy beat, too. On “Many Men,” Stevie says “I got niggas hatin’ me with no reason/I got niggas hatin’ on me cause I’m breathin’.”

“Fuck Your Feelings” has a notable approach. Stevie could’ve taken the predictable route by using an up tempo beat and raising his voice to convey his carefree mentality. Instead, he opts for a slower tempo beat and raps in a reserved manner. Dope.

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