Fight the power

Elyse Irvis spoke at a rally on May 30. Photo by Leon Laing.

With the current civil unrest, I covered protests in Harrisburg on May 30 and June 17. Both events started at the Capitol and ended with a march. When the crowd became more agitated by the Riverfront on May 30, police shot tear gas. Protesters then gathered in another area by the Rivefront until the evening.

Eamonn Wrightstone held the event on May 30, while Brent Lipscomb, Lavet Henderson and Kaye Georeen arranged the one on June 17.

“I’m really grateful for how things went and the amazing dialogues that were sparked from [the protest],” Wrightstone said. “This is so much bigger than me; it’s so much bigger than our team. We wanted to be able to amplify this outcry for social justice and amplify some powerful black voices.”

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