A different battle at Gettysburg

Jelani Splawn (left) and Chief Robert Glenny Jr. Photo by Leon Laing.

On July 31, Rev. Martin Otto Zimmann stood at the crosswalk at Lincoln Square in Gettysburg, and he held up a peace sign. Zimmann confronted a counter protester who sat in his truck that carried a controversial confederate flag. S.O.P. (Save Our People) held a Black Lives Matter protest that day.

“As a white ally, I am still learning [the best way] how to stand with and for my black siblings,” Rev. Zimmann told vigoronline.com.

The man in the truck wasn’t the only counter protester. Another man yelled “all lives matter” as he drove by the protesters. The Black Lives Matter statement doesn’t mean no one else’s lives matter; it simply conveys that blacks have been disenfranchised far too long.

“[Chief Robert Glenny Jr.] violated our First Amendment rights,” Jenine Weaver said on her Facebook post about the chief of the Gettysburg Borough Police Department. “We have the right to stand on public sidewalks and peacefully assemble.” Weaver, who had the permit to protest on July 31, runs the Voices Unite organization in Gettysburg.

Chief Glenny couldn’t be reached for a comment.

Back on July 4, Gettysburg made national news for a potential protest. According to the Washington Post, militias traveled to Gettysburg National Military Park to foil a supposed antifa flag burning. The protest turned out to be a hoax created on social media.

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