Biden visits Harrisburg

Danielle Bowers (left) and her mother waited outside for Vice President Joe Biden. Bowers is a state government employee and member of the Harrisburg City Council. Photo by Leon Laing.

On Sept. 7, supporters of Vice President Joe Biden waited outside to catch a glimpse of the Democratic presidential candidate in the swing state of Pennsylvania.

Biden followers, as well as some us from the media, saw Biden wave from a window on the upper level of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO union hall on Second Street in Harrisburg. Other supporters, such as Mike Walsh, saw the former vice president as he exited the side of the building and entered his black SUV.

One man raised a sign that read: “Angry old white guy for Biden.” Another person held a Breonna Taylor sign (Taylor’s family just reached a $12 million settlement). The chants backed Biden and Black Lives Matter.

But everyone there wasn’t a Biden follower. Some Trump supporters drove by in pickup trucks, revving their engines as they passed.

Dennis Owens, news anchor of abc27, told that his interview with Biden went well.

Before going to Harrisburg on Labor Day, Biden traveled to Lancaster and spoke with union members. Sen. Kamala Harris visited union members when she went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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