Org holds voting drive/showcase

Lul Kizzle. Photo by Leon Laing.

With Nov. 3 being only three weeks away in the swing state of Pennsylvania, the Ballots for the Burg event offered edutainment for a significant election.

On Oct. 10, The Black Burg, a community organization, held the voting drive/local artist showcase at Reservoir Park in Harrisburg.

“The whole organization saw a need for the youth in the city to vote,” Adeola Adeniyi said. She’s the president of The Black Burg, Marjia Allen works as the vice president, and Trinitee Segar-Barr oversees social media for the organization.

“This election can really determine what direction we go,” Adeniyi added. In order to make the voting registration possible, The Black Burg partnered with the Blacks in Government nonprofit.

The lineup of local artists included singer Madison Ryan, and rappers HBK Dinero, Javo, OG Savy, ZB, and Lul Kizzle. For more photos, visit our Instagram page.

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