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Khalifa to perform at AFC game

Khalifa performs in Lancaster in 2010. Photo by Leon Laing.

Wiz Khalifa dropped one of the best mixtapes last year. And 2011 seems to be a banner year also for the Pittsburgh-based rhyme spitter. Khalifa will open up for tomorrow’s AFC championship game at Pittsburgh’s Heinz Field. He’ll perform the anthem “Black and Yellow” before his hometown team, the Steelers, play the New York Jets. Continue reading ‘Khalifa to perform at AFC game’

Soulja Boy concert canceled

As the publicist for the Soulja Boy/Meek Mill concert, I share some of the sentiments with the sources in this Patriot-News story. This could’ve been a good show for the Harrisburg area. Special thanks to Stephanie Raposo of The Patriot-News, abc27 and other media that covered this would-be concert.

Lady Shakespeare

Lady Shakespeare hails from B’more—a city synonymous with Tupac, Jada Pinkett Smith and the TV drama The Wire. The local femcee currently lives in Harrisburg. Her track, “Give it Up,” is replete with a memorable horn melody and Go-Go drums. Shakespeare’s song is sheer poetry.