Pen Griffey x Penn State

Bryson Tiller. Photo by Leon Laing.

Bryson Tiller. Photo by Leon Laing.

“I couldn’t cancel,” Bryson Tiller told his audience, referring to his April 27 concert at Bryce Jordan Center in State College. The R&B sensation said he was performing with a leg injury caused from an accident on a trampoline. On Feb. 13, Fetty Wap also performed with a leg injury at BJC. Aside from his injury, Tiller, aka Pen Griffey, talked about working at Papa John’s Pizza while dreaming of becoming a star.

To set the mood at his show, Tiller wooed the women while singing in plumes of stage smoke. “Exchange” and “Rambo” were some of the standout songs. By wearing his feelings on his sleeve, Tiller made “Right My Wrongs” one of the most memorable performances of the night. Upcoming artist Russ opened up for the headliner.

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