TheShellGod prepares for ‘Zombie’ takeover

Photo taken from TheShellGod's files.

Photo taken from TheShellGod’s files.

Love him or hate him, Desiigner and his “Panda” single skyrocketed up the charts. He’s hoping to do the same with his new single “Zombie Walk.” On July 3, the 2016 XXL freshman posted a snippet of his “Zombie Walk” video on Instagram. Charlotte, North Carolina,-based TheShellGod made the beat for the single on Desiigner’s New English mixtape. The 20-year-old producer chops it up with us.

How did Desiigner discover your beat?
[“Zombie Walk” collaborator] King Savage found the beat online and had Desiigner go crazy on it. They recorded it Sept. 20, 2014. “Panda” was recorded in 2015. I think they waited a while to release it cause they knew it was a hit. [They] wanted to drop hits slowly.

How do you feel about Desiigner as an artist?
He has incredible potential. I haven’t heard a song from him that isn’t a hit. Listeners will understand over time that he has way more than just one-hit material.

How long have you been producing?
I’ve known how to produce for about four to five years or so but really started taking it serious about a year ago.

Do you think Kanye will recruit you as a producer?
I have no idea. I can only keep working and see what happens.

Who are your favorite producers?
My favorite producers at the moment have to be Zaytoven, DP Beats, Sonny Digital and MexikoDro. And of course Speaker Knockerz, but that’s already known.

How will you handle the fame from this song?
I hope to handle it as fair as I can. Remain humble and quietly progress.

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