Hill yes

Hillary Clinton. Photo by Leon Laing.

Hillary Clinton. Photo by Leon Laing.

Eight years ago, vigoronline.com covered then presidential candidate Barack Obama’s town hall meeting at The Forum in Harrisburg. Fast forward eight years later. Candidate Hillary Clinton, Obama’s former secretary of state, delivered her speech at Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market. This wasn’t the first time Clinton visited the state capital. During her race against Obama in 2008, she stopped at Capitol Diner.

After Gov. Tom Wolf introduced Clinton on July 29, her bus pulled up to a stage surrounded by a sea of supporters. Then Clinton, her husband Bill, running mate Tim Kaine and wife Anne Holton entered the stage. A sign that read “stronger together” hung beneath the illuminated Broad Street Market sign.

“This is a moment of reckoning for our country,” Clinton said about this election year. “I don’t recognize the country that Donald Trump describes.”

After Clinton’s rally, the media was able to work on stories inside Mayor Eric Papenfuse’s Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Papenfuse told our website the rally was a “wonderful opportunity” for Harrisburg.

“I was thrilled by the number of people who came out,” state Rep. Patty Kim said about Clinton’s visit. “I believe having the rally the day after a successful convention was one of the reasons for a great turnout. Clinton spending time here and other smaller cities will be the key to winning Pennsylvania. It’s going to be close.”

Bill Clinton (left) and Anne Holton. Photo by Leon Laing.

Bill Clinton (left) and Anne Holton. Photo by Leon Laing.

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