In Philly, he Milly Rock

Playboi Carti. Photo by Leon Laing.

On the heels of his infectious single “Magnolia” and being selected as a 2017 XXL magazine freshman, Playboi Carti performed for a sold-out crowd. The ATL-based artist held the concert at Philadelphia’s Theatre of Living Arts on Aug. 15.

The fashion killa sported jeans, a necklace, wallet chain and Comme Des Garçons Play T-shirt. He opened up his show with “Location,” a song that also opens up his debut mixtape Playboi Carti. Other songs from his set included “Fetti,” “No. 9,” “Broke Boi” and “Wokeuplikethis” sans Philly-based spitta Lil Uzi Vert. Carti pleased the energetic fans by performing “Magnolia” twice.

In Pierre Bourne’s well-known tag, one asks if Bourne wants to come out. The go-to producer/rapper Bourne answered the question by appearing on TLA’s stage with Carti. Young Nudy, who hails from Atlanta, opened up for Carti.

Camp Shine x Carti
No, Carti won’t appear at Harrisburg’s Camp Shine Festival this weekend, but we wanted to point out the relationship between the festival and Carti. 1) Carti told XXL mag that Famous Dex should’ve been a 2017 freshman. Dex is one of the headliners at the festival. 2) Carti is the cousin of Uno the Activist, another headliner at Camp Shine. 3) Carti is affiliated A$AP Rocky. Rocky once lived in Harrisburg, which is the city where the festival will take place.

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