Emhoff visits Biden Barn

Doug Emhoff. Leon Laing.

“He cares about himself, and that’s it,” Doug Emhoff said about President Donald Trump. Emhoff is married to Sen. Kamala Harris. If former Vice President Joe Biden becomes president, Harris will be the first black female vice president.

On Nov. 2, Emhoff visited The Biden Barn in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, a battleground state. The Veterans for Biden event was his second stop in Lancaster County. Later that evening, he joined his wife and John Legend for a drive-in event in Philadelphia. Lady Gaga attended a drive-in event with Biden in Pittsburgh.

“Joe Biden cares,” Emhoff continues. “He’s just so empathetic, so caring. And he’s also about unity. Donald Trump is about showing hate and division and chaos everywhere he goes. My wife Kamala Harris is gonna be his partner – side by side with him – leading us from this darkness into light.”

Jim Sandoe, a Biden supporter, attended the event in Ephrata. He’s also a veteran and member of Citizen’s Climate Lobby, an organization focused on national policies to address climate change. Biden plans on doing more for climate change than Trump, so Sandoe weighs in.

“Well, climate change is what I spend most of my time researching, so that difference is a big deal for me. I’ve spent the last eight plus years taking college courses and talking directly to climate scientists, so for me it is the defining issue of our time. The fact that the president can’t or won’t take it seriously is disqualifying for me.”

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