Dennis ‘Aganee’ Jenkins

Aganee produced Donnis’ “PSA,” the song above.

All he does is win
After the intro for ABC’s defunct World Wide of Sports aired, the word “agony” became associated with the word “defeat.” But Harrisburg-based producer Aganee (born Dennis Jenkins) has always been a winner.

Most recently, Ag produced the song “PSA” for the ATL-based rapper Donnis. Donnis, who graces the cover of XXL magazine’s 2010 freshman issue, just dropped his Southern Lights mixtape on which “PSA” appears. Ag also concocted some beats on Donnis’ ATL Brave and Fashionably Late mixtapes. The producer told us that he was introduced to Donnis by Abdullah Salaam, who helped arrange the Pennsylvania Urban Music Conference in 2005 and is a staple in the local urban music community.

Before becoming a national producer, Ag released local projects, such as the classic National Rap League 2K1 CD. He also worked with Ez Stak Geez, Lei Row, Post Up and R.E.A.L. Entertainment among others. The producer resides in Cali now, but he still visits his two sons in the ‘Burg.

In January, Ag landed a gig with mega producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. Darkchild has collaborated with everyone from the late King of Pop to Beyoncé to Lady Gaga. Ag credited Rival Gang Management (Ag used to produce music for them) for giving him the opportunity to join forces with Darkchild. “He’s crazy about my drums,” Ag said proudly about Jerkins. Aside from his hip-hop beatmaker position at Darkchild Entertainment, Ag loves the production team. Other staff members on Darkchild Entertainment include Jukebox, who produced and co-wrote Willow Smith’s infectious “Whip My Hair.”

“It’s extremely important having a team,” he affirmed. “I feel unstoppable. “I’m learning so much.”

—Written by L. Laing, edited by M. Boyer

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