The Walking Dead

On Oct. 31, Desiigner gave us a Halloween treat—an extended video for “Zombie Walk.” We shoot the breeze again with TheShellGod, the producer of the “Zombie Walk” song. Rapper King Savage, the collaborator of the song, found TheShellGod’s beat online.

What do think about the “Zombie Walk” video?
The video was straight. Simple but captivating. Fans love the concept.

Have you made any new beats lately?
I’ve been making countless beats. I haven’t slept in 72 hours [he laughs]. I was spending too much time contemplating my next move, so I had to act on it and keep making heat.

Who will be jumping on those beats?
I have a few collabs in the works. I’ll have a lot of stuff dropping with Glo Gang/Savage Squad Records. That’s like family to me. They’ve supported me since I was broke. I have a song with Lil Uzi. Just waiting on a release date. Couple more artists as well.

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