Chelsea talks music, politics

Chelsea Clinton. Photo by Leon Laing.

Chelsea Clinton. Photo by Leon Laing.

After campaigning for her mother Hillary Clinton in Carlisle on Sept. 7, Chelsea Clinton, 36, revealed her personal side. Chelsea, a mother of two children, told that her favorite musician right now is Raffi, an Egyptian-born Canadian singer-songwriter and author best known for children music.

Chelsea also tells me her daughter Charlotte’s favorite songs include “Happy,” “Cheerleader” and some songs by CeeLo Green.

The famous daughter didn’t attend the Made in America music festival in Philadelphia on Labor Day weekend, but her father did. Bill Clinton went to MIA on Sept. 4 to register people for the upcoming presidential election. Photos of the former president with eccentric rapper Travis Scott and MIA curator Jay Z surfaced on Instagram. Malia Obama, who was also spotted at MIA, wore a shirt that read “smoking kills.”

Aside from music, Chelsea talked about her mother’s plans to make college more affordable and Hillary helping 9/11 victims. “I couldn’t imagine a better president,” Chelsea affirms. Pennsylvania is “hugely important” to the election, she adds.

On April 18, 2008, Cheslea visited Central Pennsylvania College in Summerdale.

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